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SOCIOL 4509:
Sociology of Law


I am Professor Mary Lia Reiter. I've been a full-time faculty member at CSCC for 22 years and a lecturer at OSU for 6 years. I am the distance learning/technology lead instructor for the Social Sciences Department at CSCC. Prior to starting my teaching career, I worked for the Columbus City Prosecutor's office where I supervised and trained criminal mediators, assisted members of the public with filing criminal complaints, mediated criminal disputes, and worked as a liaison between prosecutors and intake officers.


I've taught a wide variety of classes at CSCC, including:

And at OSU, including:


B.B.A. in International Marketing from Texas A&M University

M.A. in Criminology, The Ohio State University - Thesis Title: "The Determinants of Victim Injury and Crime Completion for Victims of Violent Crime"

Ph.D. Candidate in Criminology, The Ohio State University - Areas of Expertise: Crime Theory, Communities and Justice, and Urban Sociology

J.D. The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law - Area of specialty: Constitutional Law & Comparative/International Law

I also studied abroad at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and took courses focusing on International Business and Marketing.

The best way to contact me is to message me in Carmen Canvas.

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